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Some of my work on TV/MOVIES AND RECORDS


The West Wing — CBS
Friday Night Lights — NBC
Seal Team — CBS
The Wonder Years — CBS
Nashville — CMT
Felicity — CBS
Early Edition — CBS
My So-Called Life — CBS
The Stand — CBS
Under The Dome — CBS
thirtysomething — CBS
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip — CBS
The Drew Carey Show — CBS


Stevie Wonder — Studio
Chaka Khan — Guitarist (Tour)
Laura Branigan — Guitarist (Tour)
Donna Summer — Guitarist
Stray Dog - Lead Guitarist/singer
Eric Burdon — Guitarist (Tour)
Brooklyn Dreams — Guitarist (Tour)
Free — Guitarist (Studio)
Rita Coolidge — Guitarist (Tour)
Sara Niemietz — Producer/Guitarist

Up To Snuff

The documentary

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